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Always delighted to welcome new patients

We are committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care and support. Involving you at every stage of your care, we work together to keep your family's teeth and gums healthy and happy – for life. From your initial consultation throughout your treatment and ongoing care, we take all the time we need to ensure your experience is as pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Our clinical skills and investment in training means we are a leading choice for families and business people in Salisbury. We combine our expertise and excellence in customer care to directly address your patient needs and focus on getting to know you.

Whatever your smile aspirations - whether that's whiter teeth, a straighter smile or complete smile makeover - we can offer you a bespoke treatment plan.

Interested in becoming a new patient with us? Want to know more about any of our services?

Call us today on 01722 333733.

Smile makeovers

Need a new smile?

As the name suggests, our smile makeover service is designed to leave you feeling more confident about your smile. Depending on the treatment, it may be possible to complete your smile makeover in just a few weeks. Alternatively, it can be phased over a period of time if that's more convenient for you.

We will begin the process by spending time getting to know you. We want to know what you currently like about your smile, and which features you would like to change. A brand-new smile makeover is no longer just for the rich and famous - it's accessible for anyone who is unhappy with their teeth.

We offer a range of smile enhancing services, including:

  • Aligning crowded teeth;
  • Reducing protrusion;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Closing gaps;
  • Reducing a gummy smile;
  • Widening a narrow smile;
  • Changing the length or shape of teeth; and
  • Replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Patient choice is very important to us. At your extensive dental examination, you'll have the opportunity to discuss all the treatment options available to you.

Why not discover more about our dental treatments.

Oral rehabilitation

Has it been a while?

Don’t worry if it's been a while since your last dental check-up. We’ve all been guilty of putting off routine dental care at some point in our busy lives.

At The Private Dental Treatment Centre we see a lot of patients who have neglected their teeth. Often, it's only when they experience pain that they reach out for help. Did you know that the state of your teeth can often signal systemic problems and indicate your overall well-being? Your dentist can sometimes diagnose these conditions before your doctor! Therefore, even if you have dental phobia, we strongly advise you attend regular dental check-ups so we can monitor the health and hygiene of your mouth.

No matter how long it’s been, or the current state of your teeth, you should never feel like you're a lost cause. Our friendly team are here to help you.

Concerned you may need lots of dental work?

Don't worry. We can restore your smile through a range of restorative treatments. We may recommend routine dentistry, dental implants for missing teeth or hygiene services to boost your oral health. If you have a long-standing dental issue that's been troubling you, then get in touch today. We can help stabilise your oral heath.

Contact our friendly, approachable dental team today.

Emergency dentistry

Experiencing dental pain?

Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. We know that when you experience pain, or have sustained a dental injury, all you want is someone to help.

Whether you’ve got toothache or a broken filling, we understand that accidents happen. Dental emergencies can involve a range of scenarios: accidents involving your mouth or teeth can result in cracks, chips, fractures or a knocked-out tooth; or an emergency could cause general toothache, jaw pain, infections, bleeding or swelling.

When a dental emergency occurs, it’s important to seek treatment from a qualified dentist. Not only will this increase the chance of saving your tooth (or teeth) but you’ll prevent infections from spreading or becoming more serious.

Our aim is to deal with your emergency quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to relieve your dental discomfort. We may need to take X-rays to determine the source of the pain and following an examination we'll recommend appropriate dental treatment.

Emergency appointments are available throughout the week, and on Saturdays.

If you are suffering any dental pain, please contact us now - we are here to help.

Overcome your fears

Frightened of the dentist?

Are you scared of the dental chair? If so, you should be reassured that you’re not alone. An estimated 13% of the people in the UK avoid regular dental appointments due to fear.

Many people are extremely nervous or phobic about visiting the dentist and will find it difficult to undergo any treatment. For some people, their only option of having any treatment done is with sedation.

Sedation is given using a special medication that is administered by injection. Under sedation the patient will be fully conscious but will remember little or nothing of the time spent in the chair and will be under no distress during treatment.

The patient will be fully aware of their surroundings after treatment and will be able to leave the surgery of their own accord. However, the patient will need to be accompanied by a chaperon and will not be allowed to drive.

Almost anyone over the age of 16 can have sedation; subject to checking your medical history and blood pressure.

At the Private Dental Treatment Centre we will treat you gently with all the TLC that you require, even if you are completely phobic.

Whatever your concerns are, please do let us know about them. Our clinicians and staff have every sympathy with nervous patients. We will take the time to talk with you and to understand and address your concerns. If you prefer, we can do this in a non-dental environment.

We ensure all patients are able to attend regular appointments with minimum anxiety, and believe you should never feel pressured or rushed. We've invested in the best equipment and training - allowing you to feel relaxed and to overcome your fears.

Dr Emma O’hara is our experienced Dental Phobia Certified dentist who comes in just for sedation services.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, please call us today.

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