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May 13, 2021

Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Today, Private treatment Centre is coming with a new topic, quite unusual, some might say, as it is something you might expect in a beauty centre rather than in the dentist chair. Yes, I would like to let you know that our practice does facial aesthetic treatments as well as cosmetic dental treatments.

We can offer 2 types of facial cosmetic treatments:

1. Anti-wrinkle treatment using Azzalure

This is a botulinum toxin type-A specifically designed for use in aesthetic treatments. Azzalure is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe:

  • glabellar lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows) seen at frown, in adult patients under 65 years, when the severity of these lines has an important psychological impact on the patient.
  • lateral canthal lines (crow's feet lines) seen at maximum smile

The efficacy and safety of repeat injections of Azzalure has been evaluated in Glabellar lines up to 24 months and up to 8 repeat treatment cycles and for Lateral Canthal lines up to 12 months and up to 5 repeat treatment cycles.

There are some situations when these injections are not recommended: hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the components, presence of infection at the proposed injection sites and few other medical syndromes.

Also, Azzalure should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding; there is no clinical data for the effects of Azzalure on fertility.

2. PRP/PRF therapy

Second type of facial cosmetic treatment is PRP/PRF therapy, known as vampire facial. In this case we utilise your body’s own ability to regenerate, heal and anti-age, for any treated area.

The procedure is simple, safe and is very beneficial, achieving a natural result. We can treat:

  • all signs of ageing
  • hair loss
  • stretch marks
  • acne
  • post acne scars
  • pigmentation
  • dark circles
  • saggy and loose skin
  • tired and aged skin
  • sun damage
  • scars

This type of treatment will give you an instant skin “glow” on the days following the procedure. The magic begins as the process of new cell formation starts. You will see an improvement in the next 60-90 days as you produce new cells in the treated areas.

The procedure is simple and requires a very small amount of your own blood, which is put into a special equipment to separate the red blood cells from plasma. This plasma is then injected with a special syringe in the desired area. The platelets from plasma are responsible for releasing the Growth Factor that wakes up the Stem cells causing them to produce new collagen.

If you would like to have any of these procedures or you would like to know more about them, please contact us.

At Private Treatment Centre we offer significant cosmetic improvements that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. You can book a free chat appointment to discuss more about your options and you'll find a highly qualified team ready to help you with the best advice and treatments.

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